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Online Fitness Courses

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Global Recognition

Fitlink is your trusted entry into the global health and fitness community with over 50,000 courses sold and over 30 years training professionals in the fitness industry

Fitlink is your globally recognised provider of Specialist Fitness Eduction Programs. 

Fitlink specialises in specialist professional development courses for  the fitness industry. Established in 1985, we are one of the first education organisations to specialise in Fitness Courses with over 30 years experience.


Running on Beach

Fitlink welcomes you as you start your journey towards your new career in the

fitness industry. Our success is based on the individual experience of each and

every student. We promise you an experience with challenging and rewarding knowledge

and opportunity which, if embraced, can lead to many opportunities and career paths.


Remember: Knowledge is Power. Application of that Knowledge is Success


Driven by a strong desire to set high standards for the fitness industry our courses have been designed to equip students with the knowledge and practical skills needed to give students the edge in being the best in their field.


Fitness Testing

Running Down Stairs

Exercise Prescription

Weight Trainer

Behaviour change

Man running with bridge in background

Human Anatomy

running up staris

Motivational Physiology

Althetic Woman Stretching On A Gym Mat

Client Screening & Assessment

Sports Equipment


Healthy Salad

Health & Wellness

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My experience as a student with Fitlink was fantastic! The website and the way the course was structured made studying online remotely very seamless...I would highly recommend Fitlink to anyone

Rachel S

I am halfway through my course and loving it. The tutors have ben a constant help. I cannot wait to finish the course and start my career in the industry

Stevie F

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